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DJOOG Music is "F.R.E.S.H" MUSIC!

Djoog is a mix of different type of music, from the Funk music to the Rap, from Electro, to Soul or HipHop ...
It is FRESH indeed!

Djoog takes you through the decades of groove, with original compositions. When Old School go around contemporary music, it gives DJOOG!


  • 01/04/16 22:00FMR Genève

Previous dates

  • 13/02/15Repaire des Ours Le Fayet (74)
  • 20/03/15FMR Genève
  • 03/04/15La SOUPE aux Choux Grenoble (38)
  • 25/04/15Le Moulin Rouge Genève
  • 02/05/15Festival Hip Hop Thonon les bains (74)
  • 21/06/15L'Abri Genève
  • 09/08/15Scène des Clubs Genève

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